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Palettes for use with Cold Wax

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Palettes for use with Cold Wax Painting Medium

Palettes certainly make mixing wax and oils together much easier.
The one left of the image is my own palette which gets lots of use and after twenty years is still good.

The disposable palette is at the top, or you could use taped down grease proof paper, or wax paper.

At the bottom is a glass palette, its actually a kitchen worktop saver, these are made of 'toughened' glass, adding, a coat of white paint or gesso to the reverse side (textured side), use the smooth side, its ideal for brush, knife and mixing Cold Wax and oil paint.

Wooden Palettes

Wooden palettes are a standard for oil painting, especially large ones, where there is plenty of space to mix colours.

Plastic and acrylic palettes are also good, easy to clean and long-lasting but for some a little on the heavy side.

Wooden palette can also be wipe clean once seasoned with a few additions of Linseed oil, for more information about Palettes visit www.zest-it.com/palettes.htm

wooden palettes

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