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How to use Chalk and Pastel with Cold Wax Painting Medium



added to Cold Wax

Chalk is available from our ArtywaxShop, a Chemist or online, probably choose 'fine grade' to start, or for more texture use crumbled blackboard chalk.

Adding coloured sand, glass pebbles or stones to the wax, will give texture, including, random and decorative patterns when applied to a surface. These decorative items need sealing to the surface with a thick layer of Cold Wax Painting Medium.

Add the chalk on or off the surface of the painting, meaning, form the shapes or decorations separate to the main surface.

How to add coloured chalk to
Cold Wax

The SAA have a varied assortment of coloured chalks these are useful for colouring the wax, also Pastels, both 'dry' 'oil' and 'wax' work in a similar way as pigment to colour the wax.

The dry pastels can be 'scraped' into the Cold Wax or left more grainy for a textured finish. The oil pastel can be used as a marking tool or mixed in, as can the wax.
However, the quality of the chalks and additions needs to be excellent lightfast quality so as not to fade or discolour over time.

The Cold Wax is very good at preserving colour, but the better the product less chance of disappointment.


Coloured Chalk available from the SAA also Dry or Soft Pastels, Oil and Wax  pastels.

chalk mixed in
Blue coloured Cold Wax with chalk from above added.

Consistency of Cold Wax with chalk added.

Cold Wax Painting Medium is stiffened by adding chalk or pastel, because, it somewhat dries the wax causing much stiffer paste with more texture. Adding too much can make the wax 'crumbly' and unstable, discretion is needed!

To add a chalk or pastel mixture to a painting, the suggestion would be to have the painting be on a rigid surface, furthermore, use a metal painting knife or similar to apply the mixture, because the wax becomes harder to move and blend.

Test in a separate area, why? Because the chalk can 'dry out' the wax/oil mixture and cause it to crack.

Point to note:- These drying effects of chalk, pastel, marble dust and the like can cause excess drying of the wax/oil mixture, this can causes it to loose its adhesion and it can take on a 'whitish',  'crumbly' appearance that eventually becomes unstable.

Limestone Dust would work in the same way

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