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Using Zest-it® Painting Mediums to change the consistency of
the Cold Wax Painting Medium


wax solvent
Wax solvent

Changing the consistency the Cold Wax Painting Medium.

Zest-it Wax Solvent will allow you to thin the wax or wax/oil mixture to a consistency suitable for glazing, or for drizzles and drips.
It can have an almost 'watery' feel and will dry faster than the use of any of the following mediums. 

You can use the Wax Solvent with any of the mediums below to adjust them to your own preference and to suite the way you work.

Point to note:
if you apply any 'wax/oil plus solvent' mixture to an already oil/wax painted dried surface, then the solvent in the mixture will soften the painted surface underneath and can 'lift' the already laid 'paint'.

wax oil solvent
Wax and Oil Paint mixed with Cold Wax Solvent.

Zest-it Clear Painting Medium
Zest-it Clear Painting Medium

Zest-it Clear Painting Medium is an excellent addition to the Cold Wax, a mixture of Linseed Oil and Zest-it, it slacks and flattens the applied mixture with a slight gloss (depends on the oil paint used).

It will dry quicker than an oil painting, gives more flexibility to the wax/paint mixture.

  wax oil cpm
Wax and Oil Paint mixed with Clear Painting Medium

zest-it lean painting medium
Zest-it Lean Painting Medium

Zest-it Lean Painting Medium

Same as the above, but with more added Zest-it, therefore, makes the mixture more soft, which can then be used as a thick glaze.

Dries slightly quicker than the Clear and with more  transparency.

wax oil lpm
Wax and Oil Paint mixed with Lean Painting Medium

zest-it cold pressed linseed oil
Zest-it Cold Pressed Linseed Oil

Zest-it Cold Pressed Linseed Oil.

Adding this Cold Pressed Linseed oil to the wax medium or an oil and wax medium will give the mixture a smooth, slippery feel under the knife or brush.

Good for laying down areas of colour.

wax oil cplo
Wax and Oil Paint mixed with Cold Pressed Linseed

zest-it linseed stand oil
Zest-it Linseed Stand Oil

Zest-it Linseed Stand Oil

Adding this oil to the wax or wax mixture will cause a levelling of the surface and a gloss/sheen to the surface of the work.

Gives a good shine.

wax oil lso
Wax and Oil Paint mixed with Linseed Stand Oil

damar picture varnish
Zest-it Damar Picture Varnish

Zest-it Damar Picture Varnish

The varnish gives a smooth, clean, feel and a medium gloss to the finished surface. It does not level out as much as when the Cold Wax medium is mixed with Cold Wax Solvent, so drips and drizzles hold their shape more and it dries well.

Slower drying than the Clear and Lean Painting Mediums.

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wax oil varnish
Wax and Oil Paint mixed with Damar Picture Varnish

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