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Oil paint and Cold Wax paintings on paper.

One of the questions asked about painting wax and/or oil paint on paper
is 'will it last'? These few examples below indicate that there is no
reason for it not to last. All substrates (painting surfaces) have their strengths and their weakness.

John Constable (1776 – 1837)

Oil Painting on paper, painted 1824 of 'A Windmill on the Downs' near Brighton. 'His impasto technique of thickly applied paint with both brushes and painting knives'.

 For more images of his Oil painting work on paper please see the Victoria and Albert Museum or Royal Academy web pages.

Constable makes reference to his 'oil sketches' 'done in the lid of my box, on my knee, as usual'

21 x 31 cm without the frame (approx)

John Constable

Dedham Mill and Lock, Oil paint painted on watercolour paper 1816. 'He is know for his impasto technique which used thickly loaded brushes and painting knives'.

Over 200 years old and shows impasto in both the sky and land areas, it was a 'sketch' for a larger work on canvas.

For more images of his oil painting work on paper please see the Victoria and Albert Museum or Royal Academy web page

constable mill pond; oil paint on paper

John Constable

Oil Painting on paper, a study of an Elm tree painted in 1821, showing great detail and an almost photographic quality, using fine brush work without impasto.

More images of his work can be found online, at the V&A and at the Tate.

He is quoted as writing - I shall shortly return to Bergholt where I shall make some laborious studies from nature… there is little or nothing in the exhibition worth looking up to – there is room enough for a natural painture.

Perhaps the Elm was a laborious study?....

Francesco  Guardi born 1712 died 1793 the date this work was painted seems unknown.
Oil on paper. Perhaps this was for a larger work?

Lived in Venice, Italy and belonged to the Venetian School.
He was known for his highly detailed, large scale works, mainly landscapes especially famous for his views of Venice.

Worked mainly in oils and on canvas, more images at the V&A also on line.

turner; oil paint on paper
JMW Turner

Oil Painting on paper, painted before 1839

More images of his work can be found online and at the Tate.

Pierre Bonnard

Oil Painting on paper, painted 1916 of a street in Paris.
Bonnard also produced work on cardboard and a type of 'plywood', he worked with mixed media.

More images of his work can be found online and at the Tate.

bonnard; oil paint on paper; street in Paris
Firs Alexandre Calame (1810 - 1864)

Renown Swiss Landscape painter who painted many of his oil works on paper and card, this one 'Firs above Handeck' is on paper laid on card.

There are many images to be found online of his work using oil paint on paper, some are on canvas, he learnt much from Francois Diday.

Francois Diday (1802-1877)

Honoured Swiss Artist, Draughtsman and Engraver, producing many, many works of the Swiss Alps. Famed for his mountainous landscapes which had a high degree of finish and often atmospheric effects.

Alexandre Calame was one of his pupils and they both did many oil works on paper, this being an example of one. many more examples can be found online.


hilaire hiler; wax and oil on paper

Hilaire Hiler
Painted much of his work using wax and oil paint, often making solutions for his glazing, he worked mostly on paper, this image was painted before 1959

He was a proponent of Structuralism and wrote a booklet 'Notes on the Techniques of Painting' his colour wheel relates to the colours of emotions.


One of my Grandfathers painting's.
Oil painted on 'starched' watercolour paper, painted before 1940. The starch was the primer for the paper, painted in very thin layers of oil paint, an excellent example of how paper can be used for oil and of course, he lived at a time when it would have been the way of doing things - painting on paper instead of canvas.

More images of his work are on my personal site. 


bowl of fruit; oils on watercolour paper

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