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Ancillary Tools for use with Cold Wax Painting Medium

lace pattern
Lace pattern

Lace patterns and Net curtains

Net and Lace can be used as a stencil for pattern making with the oil paint and wax mixture, furthermore, chalk can be added to assist with the structure if very detailed.

Lay the pattern on the surface, apply oil/wax over the pattern, get a good even coverage. When happy with the laid oil/wax, gently lift the lace or the pattern from the surface, the result, an 'embossed' design on the surface.
Allow to dry, apply glaze or other decoration as required

Fishnet, Mesh, Web trim, Organza and haberdashery supplies

Curtain, Organza and  Mesh etc., can all be used to 'impress' a pattern into the oil/wax.

This time the oil/wax is applied to the surface first (rigid surface is best for this technique), lay an even coat of the mixture.
Lay the pattern, press evenly all over the area, lift off carefully. The oil/wax should now be impressed with the design.
Allow to dry, apply glaze or other decoration as required.

Curtain pattern

lemon stencil
Lemon stencil


Stencils can be used to emboss a pattern in the same way as described above, used in part, the whole or repeated. Letters, numbers, images - many types.
The stencil can also be filled away from the piece being working on, allowed the stencilled detail to dry and then add as desired

The image left is from The Stencil Warehouse where you can find many designs.

Oil Pastel, Oil Bars, Pigment Sticks and Oil Sticks

Pigment stick, Oil pastel and bars are useful addition to the toolbox when painting with Oils and Wax.  Use to draw the design, incise colour into existing work, or applied to dry work, numerous applications.

Use Cold Wax Solvent to dissolve or 'melt' the stick for applying with a brush, or to 'drip' the colour. Shaved or grated onto surface and then 'waxed in' or 'wet painted' into the wax for alternative results. Good selection under 'oil bars and sticks' at many Art Retailers, also, wax and coloured pencil work well.

oil sticks
Oil sticks

leather cord
Leather Cord

Wire, Wax Thread, Yarn and Leather Cord

These can be used for hanging the work when finished, incorporated into the design, securing any embellishments or embedding into the oil/wax surface.

It's about where you want the piece of work to go and your vision for it.

Many of these can be found in The Bead Shop.

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