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Zest-it Cold Wax Solvent


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Zest-it® Wax Solvent

Sizes:- 125 ml; 250 ml;

500 ml and 1 Litre.

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Cold Wax Solvent

Is a non-toxic, non-flammable solvent with a slight yellow colour, it has a pleasant mild citrus smell, especially low in *VOC's which means little is lost to the atmosphere in the way of fumes.

Only a small amount is needed to change the consistency of the wax or wax/oil mixture.
It is not an aggressive solvent and will take time to remove solid wax from a canvas.

Ideal for thinning the wax and oil mixtures to change the handling properties/qualities and to make glazes. The wax/oil mixture can also be thinned to a 'thin cream' consistency if drizzles and drips are to be part of the work.

 Because you need to be responsible for your own safety, have 'safety sense' when using solvents - don't eat, drink or smoke when using them (no water bottles in the same area!) and on workshops its good to have a window open.

*VOC's - Volatile Organic Compounds

Wax Solvent as a Diluent

In the example right - Oil paint and Cold Wax Painting Medium were mixed together, then thinned a little with Wax Solvent.
A large Round Sash brush was used to create the effect, it was stippled onto the canvas to form the highlight of the tree top.

By using the Cold Wax Painting Medium, the texture is accentuated and representative, giving character.

Use the Wax Solvent to thin wax mixtures, to a thin, runny consistency, use to glaze or to pour over embedded objects.

tree top stippled wax oil mixture
Stippled wax/oil mixture

wax solvent washed brush
Brushed washed in Wax Solvent

Clean off the worst of the wax/oil mixture with kitchen towel. Wash the brush in Wax Solvent, dry on cloth, repeat as necessary.

Cleaning up

During and after painting there is a need to 'clean up'. After washing in Wax Solvent, the brushes can be dried successfully on the kitchen towel or a cloth.

Wipe knives and equipment clean, if stubborn residue, then add a small amount of Wax Solvent to the cloth to clean up.
The Wax Solvent is non-toxic and non-flammable, it will clean/remove wax and oil paint from surfaces, equipment and canvases.

When used for brush cleaning it can be saved for reuse, allow the fluid to stand so the paint pigment settles out, decant off the clear fluid, it can therefore be reused many times for brush washing.

Move some plants in!

If you have concerns about the air quality in your work space, then a consideration is to  have plants in the space, they will help to keep the air clean.
(Very informative 'clean air' page on House of Plants)

Recommended ones would be : - Dracaena, Sansevieria, Aloe Vera, Lady Palm, Spider plant, Peace Lily and Weeping Fig, plenty more beside these to choose from.

If you are not very good at watering the plants, then select ones that will put-up with the drought abuse - Spider plant, Parlor Palm and Sansevieria would be three possible choices.

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lily flower move some plants in
       Lily flower

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