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Making a Glaze with the Cold Wax Painting Medium
How to make glazes for use with the Cold wax Painting Medium.

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glazing by thinning wax and oil
Thinning the wax

Glazing with the Cold Wax Painting Medium

Making a Glaze with the Cold Wax Painting Medium is best accomplished with the Cold Wax Solvent, LiquiBlend Wax or one of the Mediums, it all depends on the consistency wanted and its application.

Glazing is used to change the tone of any part or all of a painting, test on a separate area before use.

The techniques are the same as for glazing with oil paint, however, only thin the mixture enough to make it brush-able.

You can mix the glaze either with a brush or a knife, depending how thick or thin the mixture is.

The image right is a small amount of Zest-it Clear Painting Medium, put onto a palette with a painting knife, ready to mix into the blue wax and oil paint mixture.

Try just mixing a small amount of medium with the wax/oil mixture and test on a spare piece of canvas or board.

making a glazing medium

glazing red over other colours

The image left has red pigment mixed into Zest-it Damar Picture Varnish and brushed over the dried wax on the canvas. The intention was to show the brush marks, because, glazing can be used to make patterns as well as glazing.

The bottom 'splodge' of paint was white laid over burnt umber, the glaze has completely changed the look of the paint and its value, as it has to the blue 'splodge' above.

Glazing needs consideration. Thinned mixture can also be used for drizzling.


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